Xogo at Tikkun Olam Makers

Xogo at Tikkun Olam Makers

It was a great day in Nashville. Xogo was able to help a child named Eli use his wheelchair joystick to fly a drone for the first time ever. So cool to see his face the first time he took control of the drone! This happened because we decided to take part in a very cool maker event called TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers) at Vanderbilt University. Here's some info about them from their press release:

TOM is a global venture inspired by a bold vision calling for improving the lives of 250,000,000 people. Tikkun Olam is a Jewish idea that encourages every person to contribute toward improving themselves, their community and the world. TOM was launched in Israel in 2014 by the Reut Group in partnership with the ROI Community of the Schusterman Philanthropic Network.

Teams of makers will race the clock this weekend to create innovative solutions to the problems facing those living with disabilities in Nashville and beyond.

Beginning Friday, Jan. 18, at 3 p.m., these teams will have 48 hours to “make a difference” as part of Vanderbilt’s Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) makeathon.

The name Tikkun Olam, Hebrew for “repairing the world,” indicates the purpose of this worldwide effort to empower people living with disabilities through technology.

We loved being able to help in a small way. Check out some video and pictures below!

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