It’s About Access...


Xogo was born out of a desire to give people with disabilities control over their experience with technology. Fueled by the knowledge that the population of people with disabilities is one of the most underrepresented in the world, along with the fact that traditional assistive technology is often sold at an unrealistic price and delivers inferior functionality, we sought to provide a better option.

By creating an interface that allows people with disabilities to use any and all forms of technology in a way that works for them, they can have not only access to technology, but access to other people. Access to technology--in our tech-dominated age--means access to people, relationships, and community. It builds bridges for people who are sometimes isolated.

For those wondering what's in the box (jargon warning!): It’s a protocol interconverter that takes signals from all sorts of input devices (mouse/keyboard/joysticks, head/mouth controls, gesture controllers, etc.), normalizes them into a common format, and emulates control signals for all sorts of output devices like cable boxes, video game consoles, and other consumer electronics. Mappings between inputs and outputs can be reconfigured and tuned via our API, whose primary interface is our user app.

(If the power of this platform gets you excited - check out our careers page to see how you can be a part of our team!)


It's About Access


It’s About Inclusion...


While Xogo was originally designed to provide technology solutions for people with disabilities, its usefulness is even more far-reaching. Because Xogo allows users to connect any forms of technology in myriad configurations, this device, along with our accompanying app, creates customized, streamlined, and simplified solutions for anyone. Xogo connects any type of device, regardless of brand or type, removing restrictions and limitations to how the technology can be used. It’s versatile, and it’s simple. This allows the elderly to spend less time frustrated with technology and instead use it to connect with their kids and grandkids; it enables tech savvy people who still have problems with their smart homes to maximize the functions of their devices and use them how they want to; and it allows people with disabilities to have access to mainstream technology and engage with a world from which they are otherwise excluded. Xogo lets everyone interact with technology on their own terms.


It's About Inclusion


It’s About Community...


Right now, technology works for corporations and not for consumers - it’s not their fault, it’s just their business model. Devices are typically not compatible with those of a different brand, forcing the consumer to inconveniently shape their lifestyle around the technology,and not the other way around. Because of this, the DNA of our company is an open, inclusive model; we seek to serve consumers, not corporations.

Since Xogo connects so many different devices, our programming will continually evolve. We want users to be able to connect whatever devices they need to, and in order to make these configurations available, we will be constantly adding to our coding database. To make sure that Xogo can continue working with any device, we have a platform for developers and users to create and share new codes with all Xogo users, which will open up access to new devices. Not only does this allow people to use whatever devices they wish, but the product itself inspires community, collaboration, and creativity.


It's About Community


It’s About Fun!


One example of the impact Xogo can have is seen in the life of Bradley, an eleven-year-old with cerebral palsy. Because of Xogo’s capabilities, Bradley and his twin sister are able to enjoy some good ‘ole sibling rivalry again by playing video games against each other. Watch their story below!


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