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Xogo is a universally compatible technology adapter that enables people with disabilities to connect to all consumer technology, using assistive technology and standard controls that work for them. Whether it’s their favorite video game console, computer, cable box, tablet or media center, Xogo brings access, dignity, and inclusion to everyone with disabilities. Xogo works with all standard USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3.5mm jacks so you can plug in your head switches, buddy buttons, foot pedals, game pads and tons of other devices. Once everything is plugged into Xogo and turned on, an intuitive interface prompts users to customize their controls.



Bradley is an eleven-year-old kid who not only faces the common challenges of middle school, but also manages the physical limitations of cerebral palsy. He maintains a social circle, tackles hard math problems, and is trying to figure out who he wants to be. Playing video games and using technology shouldn’t be yet another challenge.

Bradley’s family gave him his Xogo as a Christmas present. Right now, Bradley uses his Xogo to play video games with his twin sister on a level playing field. As he grows up, Xogo will be there to foster his growing independence. He’ll be able to use it to flip through channels on the TV, surf the web, and maybe even buy a suit on the internet for his first job interview!



October 11, 2017 Yahoo! Finance - Extreme Tech Challenge Top 25 Announcement
August 08, 2017 Multi Channel News - CableLabs announces their top four startups
June 02, 2017 Shreveport Times - Louisiana Startup Prize 2017
June 01, 2017 Microsoft - A video about our partnership
May 24, 2017 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Bansen Labs technology overview
Mar 22, 2017 CTA Foundation - CES on the Hill Congressional Presentation
Feb 7, 2017 Multi Channel News - Xogo Wins CableLabs Innovation Showcase
Jan 27, 2017 - Bansen Labs wins UPMC National Innovation Contest
Nov 29, 2016 Business Wire - CTA Foundation Announces CES Eureka Park Winners
Aug 21, 2016 USA Today - Bansen Labs wins 2016 Louisiana Startup Prize
May 24, 2016 - MassChallenge unveils 128 startup finalists for 2016
Oct 26, 2015 - Pittsburgh startup Bansen Labs making gaming accessible



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CES on the Hill - Presenter, 2017
Eureka Park Accessibility Contest, Presented at CES - Award Winner, 2017
CableLabs Innovation Showcase - Winner, 2017
UPMC National Innovation Contest - Winner, 2017
Louisiana Startup Prize Winner - Grand Prize Winner, 2016
MassChallenge - Finalist, 2016
AlphaLab Accelerator Program - Class of 2016


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